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Sets (diptych)

Set(s) (diptych) (2021)

46" x 19" x 0.5" (each object)

Stainless steel, fish line, tape

Mirroring the twelve pairs of ribs found in most humans, these sets of Korean and American spoons offer the whimsical delight of visceral self-recognition and iteratively identifiable forms, inviting one to dance with or settle into sets.

To Audre Lorde, the erotic is an embodied feeling or knowing arising from the soul self that precedes structured language; it bridges differences.

To Roland Barthes, the Neutral comprises “twinklings” of idiosyncratic modes of aliveness and difference that resist calcification into form.

In teasingly conjuring the erotic and Neutral through the resoluteness of culturally generic forms, these sets offer a playful proposition of presence, comfort and belonging.

Detail views (click to enlarge):

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