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Say Ah II (Registers).png

Say Ah II (Registers) (2021)

116" x 186" x 42"

Cash register receipt paper, color ink on paper, lights, foam, plywood, metal hardware, tape, magnets, paint, glue

Woven receipt tapes reflect distinct registers of legibility, offering me competing forms of simultaneous suppression and deliverance through a(n) (dis)embodied “Ah!” of pain, ecstasy, loss, relief and stamina. (One register is my childhood diary entries, another Asian celebrities, and yet another, Asian American celebrities; my college degrees, people I've dated, food I binged on when I had an eating disorder, Catholicism, naturopathy, fictional white characters, motorcycles, “Stop Asian Hate,” and so on, are others.) Each register (from the ostensibly deeply private to the generic or commonplace) creates points of inflection—transition, conjugation, criticality and/or commerce—with others. (This work revives Audre Lorde’s critical lament: “Which me will survive all these liberations?”) 

Detail views (click to enlarge):

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