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Flight of the Feeler Gauge (2021)


Sculpture: 84" x 30" x 30". Steel, 26 feeler gauge fingers, metal chain and rings, MDF, shredded paper, gearbox motor, motor mount hardware, paint, glue, fish line, power cord

Digital video: 0:21 minutes

Ultra-thin feeler gauge blades (reflecting unacknowledged or misfit feelings) are freed from their casing to fly in this kinetic sculpture, and to feel expansion and joy as subjects rather than objects. The paper scraps come from Say Ah II (Registers); symbolically shredded by the blades, they reflect “normal” or commercial registers sliced through and remixed to yield lighter, more intimately authentic registers. (This sculpture nods at Roland Barthes' "twinklings" or “flashes” of the "Neutral" outside our normal paradigms and Audre Lorde’s "erotic" unsuppressed.)

Flight of the Feeler Gauge
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