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(Contra)dictions (diptych) (2021)

3' x 4' (each board)

White boards, Korean kitchen items (made in Korea and bought from a Southern California H-Mart), American kitchen items (made in China and bought from a Southern California Walmart), plastic, magnets, transparency paper, ink, glue

Audre Lorde's erotic and Roland Barthes' Neutral -- the personally embodied and idiosyncratically experienced -- are concretized through generic Korean and American kitchen items, effecting (ever-shifting) conceptual and affective vocabularies or grammars.


For example, my idea of "injustice" was birthed and is always inflected through my awareness of "Americanness." Both my experience and conscious thought of "the injustice of (micro)aggressions from Korean (American) women and girls" are also distinctly American possibilities. In an obliquely similar way, I know another world or set of things through my awareness of "Koreanness;" these knowings are generally less articulable and have become solidified through privately experienced emotional repetition.


While these knowings and reference points interweave, and awareness of these inflection points and channels disrupts their hypnotic spell, they still operate as distinct undertows.

Detail views (click to enlarge):

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