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2020 Vision (2020) 

Sculpture: 21” x 13.25” x 20”. Wood, acrylic, gearbox motors, Arduino, breadboards, jumper wires, switch, power cables, metal hardware (brackets, screws), magnets, paint, iPad


Digital video: 8:08 minutes

MOZAIK Future Art Awards Top Ten Featured Artist

This kinetic sculpture references optometrist vision tests and scenic stop viewfinders — technologies of ascertaining, manipulating and interrogating vision — by presenting alternate interpretations of the same images. The images appear alone, as split screen composites, and as layered images (where each layered image comprises all preceding single images). As social media channels have become the new standard in facilitating social movements, the “viral” symbols and slogans used and injustices claimed by respective proponents tend to be co-opted from opposing sides or prior historical movements in perplexingly ironic, muddled — yet common roots system-revealing — ways.


Through referencing incantation, subconscious programming and auto-pilot operation, the sculpture challenges assumptions and contradictions operative in viewers' default or habitual interpretations of, or positions relative to, world events or figures, and asks whether those defaults effect a desirable or sustainable "normal."


Because the camera lens does not see like human eyes do through the sculpture lenses, the video features animated lenses. The sounds are the actual motor sounds recorded.

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