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Jennie E. Park is a South Korea(n)-born and Southern California-based first-generation American immigrant artist, writer and curator committed to interdisciplinarity and integrated approaches to honesty. (In)visibility and (in)vulnerability, and world-generating dynamics of entanglement and truthful paradox, recur as practices, tools or puzzles she explores through her mixed media, project-based work.

Her sculpture work in progress includes explorations of (materials that have enabled) interdependencies among "healing," "discipline" and "the average." She is also developing a long-term community-engaged narratives integration project. Her prior recent body of work explores the erotic (Audre Lorde), Neutral (Roland Barthes) and generic as substitutional, competing or coarticulating vortices of fulfillment, freedom and belonging.

Her artwork has been internationally exhibited through galleries, film festivals, fairs, publications and community and office spaces, including most recently at Santa Clarita City Hall (Valencia, CA), Studio Channel Islands (Camarillo, CA), MOAH:CEDAR (Lancaster, CA), Crear Studio (Santa Ana, CA), The Artists Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), SVA Theatre (New York, NY), Treehouse NDSM (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Pence Gallery (Davis, CA), Brand Library & Art Center (Glendale, CA), THE REEF (Los Angeles, CA), Irvine Fine Art Center (Irvine, CA) and Axis Gallery (Sacramento, CA). She has written for Artillery and other arts publications, received MOZAIK Future Art Awards and a Future Art Writers Award and is a 2023 Vibrant Cities Arts Grantee, '23 - '24 California Arts Council Emerging Artist Fellow and '23 - '24 California Arts Council Creative Corps artist grantee through Arts Council for Long Beach.


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